Multi-Family Management

Our Multi-Family program continues to build upon the base program of residential property management. With an increase in tenancy under one roof we do offer further services. Properties that we contract with typically range from 2 units to 25 units in one building. Some additional features we offer are bill pay for building utilities, exterior reviews of the building, interior common area walk through's, licensing compliance and more.

Maximize Communication

BCL Properties LLC goes to great lengths to keep our clients informed about your property.  Each client will receive asecure online account that updates in real time. No more waiting for monthly statements, copies of invoices, or financial year end statements. As our clients travel the world it was important that all of our clients be able to see what is going on with their property at all times.

We are always available via email, and or phone for questions regarding your account.


In Depth Marketing & Advertising

Whether it is the first time we are marketingyour property, or in between tenancies we review the property for advertising purposes. Whether we are just placing a fresh coat of paint, or upgrading the kitchen we want to make sure your property is in the showcase condition for showings.

Each day your property is on the market is one less day of rent coming in. We have calculated that property management fees tend to get offset quickly when a property has a shorter vacancy period.

Before marketing and advertising begins we advise you in a few important areas:

  1. Marketing analysis
  2. Licensing & Code changes
  3.  Pricing & lease structure


Thorough Tenant Screening & Placement

Placing a tenant with a poor background investigation can lead to major problems down the line. We perform a in depth background check, criminal check, and credit score.

Full-Service Leasing and Leasing Only

Finding a tenant can be a challenge depending on time of year. With better technology the process in ways has become easier, and more efficient. Some management companies do not advertise on the MLS system. We feel that by not advertising you are limiting the amount of potential renters. We have found that renters that use an agent are typically more serious about finding a place to live, and are guided through the process. Multi family marketing will also be placed in Co-Star.

Once a tenant is found and approved we then write the lease on a standard board GCAAR lease. We do not use internal company leases. The board approved leases are always being updated with the newest terms, and conditions that are applied in the area your property is located.

Finally, we will conduct a walk through prior to the move in. We will also give the tenants 3-4 days to report anything further as small items maybe missed upon inspection.

Rent Collection

Our rent collection system is state of the art. Tenants can choose to either log into their account each month, and press submit to pay their rent, or set the rent on a auto draft monthly. Our systems reduce late payers. Each tenant has an online account that shows their statements and any balance owed.


Inspection Clauses

Inspections of properties are one of the main concerns with property owners. We get asked how many inspections are completed per year. Our answer is typically 1-2, but if you want more we have no problem doing that. We can add that to your management agreement.


Maintenance & Contractors

Repairs hopefully are not a major part of your tenancy, but when they do occur we have licensed and bonded vendors that are on call, and ready to go. Our dispatch center works hard to ensure that all tenants get a quick response.

Every tenant can submit a repair request from a mobile or computer device from our


The eviction process varies from state to state and even from jurisdiction and county. We sub contract out all of our eviction process to qualified landlord/tenant lawyers.

Full Scale Accounting

Making your experience simple. All financial statements, and invoicing is available to owners 24/7. Just log into your account and print your statement off. Even our vendors have access to their own accounts online. Transparency is key.